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Feed me a stray cat.

If you hear a voice within you say, "You cannot paint," then by all means PAINT
& that voice will be silenced. -Van Gogh
nicholas mottola jacobsen
nicholas mottola jacobsen

I just discovered your blog. Jesus fucking Christ, its beautiful.

Daniel Martin

Natalia Zaratiegui
Alex G

Daliah Ammar
Oil on Canvas
48” x 60”

Your Blog make me happy when im sad, thank you for that, love u


London based artist John Leigh aka Karborn
Valentino Quijano

'The Kings Gift'
Personal narrative work

Hung Le Ngoc (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) - The Man With The Paper Airplane, 2013

The Suicide of Lucretia by Joos van Cleve Flemish,1520-25 (Detail)
The story of the rape of Lucretia was one of the best-known episodes in the early history of Rome. It told how Sextus Tarquinius, brutal son of the tyrannical king, forced the virtuous wife Lucretia to accede to his lust by threatening that he would kill both her and her servant-boy if she refused, and afterwards claim that he had discovered them together in the act of adultery. To prevent this dishonour to her husband and family, Lucretia permitted herself to be raped, and was thereby able to tell her story and demand vengeance before she committed suicide.
Lucretia is portrayed at three-quarter length with the upper body bared to reveal her breasts spilling from precious fabrics and with jewellery draped across her naked skin. The female figure convey an immediate impression of beauty and luxury.
Lucyna Kolendo

The Poet - March 2014